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    Coração de Jesus (Coração de Jesus)

    参考: CBRE_LC_00

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  • With the characteristic charm of the beginning of XX century, the Luciano Cordeiro 92 building is a total recovery project, preserving all the old building details like the original façade, the huge main door and an old art nouveau tile detail. There are 12 apartments T1+1 and T2 with areas from 98 to 110 m2. Preserving the original design of the building, the classical details of the early twentieth century were fully recovered: the stonework, the ironwork of the balconies, the monumental fully crafted main door, the wooden shutters and other small historic details, making each space unique and timeless. The chosen materials privilege Portuguese origin, such as flooring in solid wood, natural stone and tradicional hydraulic tiles; they will bring forward an original imprint with a contemporary touch. Huge balconies opening to the sitting room through generous windows make the most of the magnificent light of the city. Four of the twelve apartments boast a generous private garden, allowing the benefits of the mild climate of Lisbon.
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    • 参考: CBRE_LC_00
    • 区: Lisboa
    • 县: Lisboa
    • 教区: Santo António
    • 区: Coração de Jesus (Coração de Jesus)
    • 状态: 在项目中
    • 施工的开始: - - -
    • 施工完毕: - - -
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      • 公共图书馆
      • 消防站
      • 市中心
      • 学校
      • 绿地区域
      • 药店
      • 健身房
      • 医院
      • 警察
      • 出租车队列
      • 交通工具
      • 市区景色
      • 商业区
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